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Microwave Development Services

Microwave Combination Oven Developments

GAMA Microwave Technology provides experienced cooking appliance development of energy efficient, space saving microwave BOOSTED, consumer and catering foodservice equipment. We assist the manufacturer to create new products incorporating microwave energy, develop engineering models for agency approval, and prepare for production.

GAMA combination oven developments incorporate the latest in patented microwave heating technology, meeting conventional cooking high standards, at microwave speed.

Microwave Consumer Oven Developments

Sketch of a Household Cooker

Development of microwave enhanced ‘consumer style’ gas and electric ovens, providing full multiple metal-shelf usage, with cooking performance 4 times faster than conventional appliances.

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Microwave Catering Foodservice Oven Developments

Sketch of a Grid Oven

Microwave BOOSTED gas and electric catering foodservice combination-steamers and convection ovens, providing bulk cooking at microwave speed, using metal containers. This advanced heating technique is suitable for food reconstitution and mass banqueting meal rethermalization.

High-Speed, full metal-shelf, bake-off oven developments for baking traditional bread and pastry products. Systems incorporate dough proving and bake processing times.

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Microwave and Multiple Energy Developments

Sketch of a Conveyor Oven

Development of batch proving and baking conveyor ovens, incorporating unique microwave and high-frequency heating techniques, suitable for bulk proving and baking of freshly prepared items, such as pizza and bake-off food products.

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Industrial Scientific and Medical Opportunities

Sketch of the VARI-HEAT system

This NEW microwave engineering technique is compatible for incorporation with many ISM processes, using existing systems having complex metal structures within a processing chamber, and therefore not previously considered. Applications now arise that were not previously considered within Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) activities –

Please consult us for a modern high frequency product heating solution. For example: GAMA can supply VARI-HEAT systems, fully controllable between 100 and 3,500 watts microwave output power, available from the same oven.


Diagram of a Formula 1 car

GAMA Microwave Technology is the co-inventor of microwave and other high frequency apparatus for heating a tyre on a wheel, to a temperature required for various categories of motor sport activities. Our patented systems include both static oven, thereby reducing dependence on traditional tyre blankets, and more sophisticated on-board vehicle heating techniques – see website: